CH Guerin Command Performance


DNA Cleared for PRA 1



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 CH Denzel Center of Attention
AKC TR573040/02




 CH Denzel Crafted with Care (SOM)
AKC TR263539/02
CH Denzel Hail to the Chief
AKC TR108008/01
CH Denzel Handle with Care
AKC TN787125/02
CH Denzel Attention Please
AKC TR157925/03
CH Denzel Heir to the Throne
AKC TN871401/01
Denzel Say Pretty Please (DOM)
AKC TN952599/05


 CH Ace of Hearts at Guerin
(CERF #PA-2197N Cleared as of 2011Nov5)
CHIC #47566
DNA cleared for PRA

CH Farleys D Excalibur

AKC TR219883/01
(CERF #PA-2057 Cleared as of 2006JUN04; CHIC #77381)
DNA cleared for PRA



Farleys D Ken Mar Party Under
Farleys D Ken Mar Erica Kane
AKC Tr008987/02
Diamondsun’s Caught in the Act

CKC Canada
(CERF #PA-2197N Cleared as of 2005DEC04)
DNA cleared for PRA
CH Newtopaz Taiko of Diamondsun
CKC GJ445178 Canada
CH Jasione’s Snowball
AKC TP200846/05